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The natal chart is a shining mirror – the most potent way to self-knowledge. It brings insights into soul force and the characters that man carries in the present incarnation and previous ones. Way of manifesting them. Additionally, possibilities to change inappropriate patterns of thinking and living. It reveals what circumstances a person chooses in certain areas of life and way. What is the cause of them, purpose and development that soul aimed through choosing them.

Furthermore, it shows someone’s actual goals – what is needed to achieve with yourself, others, in business… It is essential to know what cards/strengths you have and how to play best with them. In the same way, knowing where your boundaries are: which ones you should pass, and which ones not because it is wiser to respect them. All this is shown by the houses, planets, and aspects, all together deeper when viewed in addition to astrology through the prism of Tarot correspondence.

That is why the Natal AstroTarot Card is an analysis that combines a natal card with a Tarot perspective. This means that you get answers to the main questions arising from natal houses and aspects of the planets in them and through the facts of astrology and the prism of Tarot correspondence.

I look at the whole story constructively, from the discourse: “How to best use the given energy.” In this way, you get the tools to work with yourself, which astrology really is – it’s not something that “knocks” you because “Mars, there and Saturn there and damn it,” and you can’t do anything about it but suffer until it’s finished. On the contrary, all planetary aspects- energetical situations in life – are opportunities, like specific dimensions that carry their potentials, limitations, and ways to go through them. When you know them, you can make the best of them – just by the principle “it doesn’t matter which cards you play with, but how you play.”

So, if you are a Capricorn ascendant, you must know how to carry that identity and how to deal with the power it gives you because you will vibrate to some people like the Tarot Devil that Capricorn represents. Then again, to some, you will be an irresistibly attractive person. And if it’s aspected for you with, say, the tenth house, it’s good to know that you are allowed to be cute and sweet all around, but in a business – you should play seriously. Not like some prankster. And so on. So this is a story of how to play the best, and the best means the most in tune with your nature (hence purpose) i.e. soul (essence).

The peculiarity of the analysis is that we agree in advance on which angle you want to explore. So, if you want something else, we look at the natal chart from that angle. This is possible because the natal chart is, let’s say, like a cake of your life: we can look at it from the perspective of “what ingredients it is from,” but also from the standpoint of “how to change the taste by adding something.” Some people are interested in a more creative aspect – “what to do with the existing,” some require a simple diagnostic “what ingredients is my soul, what I need to know.” And that’s why before each look at your chart&cards, WE AGREE about what you actually want to get. That shapes the story, that is, the angle of your analysis.

So it’s important that you send me questions if you have specifics about what you want to examine. The analysis of the entire natal card is expected from 7 to 10 days, and I send the material by e-mail so we comment, and the donation for it is 100 euros. If you have only one question that interests you, such as “What kind of partner is best for me,” the donation is 25 euros and combines the analysis of your 7. I.e. partner houses and Tarot divination on that issue.

To find the best angle from which you want a view of your chart, and all the preferences you have about the natal chart, write to me at

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