I, binary star: Soulmate search principle

It is the part of us that works in pairs. It needs another – another “star”, being – to connect. From that part, we always long for a soul mate, a true partner. That part is marked by the energy of attraction. That is why it must be clean. Because otherwise, it attracts its “other star,” the opposite negative and harmful in itself. It has excellent power – of connecting and disconnecting. Transmuting energies through connections. Soulmating for creating.

And, if you have a lot of DNA memory from binary stars – Sirius, Antares, Beta Centauri, and others, you will sense that principle of “I need someone, soulmate urgently” more intense than others. But generally, everyone has it, it is a just matter of degree. In the human body, it works like this: you attract what are you vibrate. People, particularly the guys you attract, are driven by how you experience yourself emotionally. If it is self-destructive, you will attract those who will compel you to self-destruct – with too much giving, sacrifice, and agony in the name of love. In most cases, what one needs to heal or sanctify in this scenario is one’s worth – a sense of individuality—and reawakening your affection for it.

You are an old soul with a combination of wisdom and discipline that allows you to turn a horrendous experience vibration into a favorable one. And you need to do that because you have inadvertently exposed yourself to destruction and injury as a result of countless experiences of battling and wounding throughout your life – “I am strong, and I can handle it.” Of course, you can put up with anything. However, you are not required to do so. Because you can select the experiences you wish to have, at least in the realm of love, it would be preferable to choose development through the enjoyment of delight overgrowth through pain. 

Reprogram your emotional mind

Reprogram your mind. Begin with the mind’s and emotional field’s unconscious layer. That’s where concepts like “you’re worth it if you sacrifice yourself” are born. Then they attract events that affirm that “you have to sacrifice,” that “it has to hurt because you can manage it,” and so on. Thus in love, it brings you the kind of masculine Victim-Hero type: one who has endured a lot, experienced numerous cruelties, and survived them owing to his confidence and character fortitude. A capable individual who believes in the way of the heart and endurance.

However, his pain drives him to seek the same kind of agony he experienced alone – from another – as evidence of kinship, understanding, and the base of networking. And it’s hardly very healthy that the connection’s foundation is pain.

Such an attitude makes a person spend more than he should. And he is at a constant loss because he invests too much life energy in everything – jobs, others, details. In emotional interactions, much more is given than received. Thus a constant “loss” or “minus” occurs at the expense of passionate love, which accumulates over time and reflects through frustration and relationship collapse.

Genuine, your willingness to suffer and sacrifice might bring you insight throughout your life, for man learns a lot through losses, and the regular deconstruction of all that exists. But now is the perfect opportunity to combine multi-life gained wisdom and reverse the damaging pattern in consciousness: you are free of suffering and thus worthy of the pleasure of love, without pain, in joy.

Remove ancestral curses

A person’s low self-esteem, and thus low vibration, is caused by a tragic situation in their family. If an ancestor was subjugated to emotional cruelty many generations ago, it gets passed on through biofields. Heirs automatically reinforce ancestors’ love by taking over, unconsciously and through their vibration, load, or enrolment – all harmful beliefs. And thus, they exist. These are the curses of ancestors.

The only way to heal this is to practice self-love. It is challenging for people at first, but it becomes a method to live the love of the Universe, Life, and the Divine. That method clears the way for self-love. And you must exercise daily – whenever you sense fear, envision it as darkness, then turn on the light by breathing into your heart – it is love.

Working on this pattern carefully and persistently: discipline offers emotional power, tranquility, and redemption.

The ideal individual with whom you may have a happy and fruitful life together and marriage, or a man with whom you would feel comfortable and satisfied, should be able to think fast, form conclusions, and deal with old, now dysfunctional beliefs efficiently. He must have a strong will, a clear vision, and be motivated to succeed. It would help if you felt wholly linked with him.

Transformation for fruition

This deep, calm, and powerful connection will allow you the courage to be his silent support in difficult times. And in his case, they are a tendency to fret and stress.

On one level, people who have been through many emotional tragedies require a boost in the form of emotional disappointment: that feeling provides them with new strength to turn everything around, adapt, move on, and be better. That’s why there is a claim that “evil,” in small doses, like a strong spice in a sweet soup, causes development.

As a result, your ideal man should have a “dash” of emotional cynicism that propels you both to new heights, primarily inspiring you to achieve happiness and self-sufficiency, which he then eagerly and passionately pursues.

To meet him, you must first undergo your change: that is, the transformation of fear (induced by prior failures of plans, desires, and defeats) into love, or a state in which you fully believe you deserve a gentle hug and passionate pleasure. Without a struggle, you can rest and belong.

Transformation in one field frequently occurs through another: labor. For example, in business circumstances, people and situations may arise seemingly out of nowhere, confusing their self-confidence, blurring intuition, and blurring the image. Crash tests and rapid reversals of a company / financial goals occur, but these are only temporary, and it is critical to avoid panic while they occur. Panic ensues under such circumstances.

The basic process is masks removal: when old psychological faces fail to address an issue, it is an opportunity to peel those faces off and replace them with new ones. Learning is always beneficial in this regard: it is prudent to gain information and strengthen consciousness in such intense transformation processes because it heals and restores natural vigor the quickest.

Concentrating on the joy of life and a commitment to realize your monetary plenty will bring him there: he is balanced, requiring a long series of life events to achieve. A man whose grief, it turns out, you will quickly and readily heal – with your wit and stark reality. As such, it is the ideal stimulation and motivation for personal growth and the manifestation of your own most valuable gems of the spirit.

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