Job and career

If you are going to work all your life, and you will, you need to do something that makes you happy. Jobs and careers are what stems from your nature like it is singing for a bird. Even if you win a lottery, you would still do that job. Because it fulfills your soul. You enjoy doing it. It makes you happy.

That’s why it’s crucial to discover what it is for you – what values ​​originate from your talents and what you can create by acting in the world with them. Creating joy for yourself and everyone around you. Work should be rejoicing. This happens when you do your mission. It entertains you and everyone around you. Then your work is a vacation. Someone goes to sleep. You can’t wait for everyone to fall asleep, to go create.

Work as joy

What is my leading talent on which I should base my business to bring me prosperity?
What is my real job – soul career – mission on Earth?
What is my real vibe for creating a successful business?
What brings me wealth – what is my genuine inner attitude of abundance and the accompanying external action?
What is my main product for uniqueness and success?
What is the key – what should I base my marketing story on?

Whoever loves his job is happy even when he is exhausted. In fact, you’re never tired from work; you’re tired because you can’t stop, which is a brake issue, but about that in other stories. The point is to recognize what you are, what your essence is, and what is a profession that allows you to express yourself completely. Through what you show best, develop most, learn and have fun, discover – for yourself and others. And then do it. Suddenly you will surely enjoy your whole life, all working time is your playtime.

And pleasure is the frequency of abundance. When you are entirely dedicated with love to what you do – that frequency brings you the same: other’s energy expressed through giving money. This is how materialization goes – all known law of creation. So, first of all, find out who you are. What are your gifts, your values? How you want to spend your time, what you can give to the world. And from your giving comes your receiving – income. It is a job that builds a career of your abundance.

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