Purpose of Tarot: Balance

The cause of most life problems is blocked energy in some areas, such as the sphere of emotions from childhood, for instance. Or stuck in unconsciousness, where dwells memories from past lives.

Human’s energy (a mix of his thoughts, feelings, and life-giving vibrations of the whole being at a given moment) can remain “frozen” in time and, as such, represents a blockade for his free movement in other directions. This obstacle often appears when a person is about to achieve something he really wants and considers very important, but the “thing” does not work. The Tarot provides insights into places, events, and people where energy has remained blocked, as well as for instructions on how to release it and return it to an individual’s life.

The illumination and release of this blockade is the crucial current point of personal learning, and the Tarot points to places where focus and attention are needed to clear up the situation.

What psychoenergetic materials from the unconscious, inherited beliefs and socio-cultural programming block a person from living in full force? Whatever the topic of Life, the primary purpose of the Tarot is to answer the fundamental question – what are the practical moves and spiritual insights needed to achieve the desired goal. It is ideal for anyone who wants to awaken their power of creation and create their own Life according to their desires and intentions. My goal is to translate messages for a person as precisely and concretely as possible: to provide the Seeker with factual information and new ideas to illuminate his path and use them to open new doors of consciousness and ways of life to improve it. By providing insights into the current state of man, the Tarot gives instructions, restores hope, awakens inner wisdom that knows what to do in every situation, and strengthens the attitude with which one can look into the eyes of every situation, no matter what it is, and maintain awareness and peace.

In addition, it reveals how to create the desired life circumstances and succeed in achieving desires and goals.

As a pictorial representation of the Soul Universe, the Tarot is a guide whose task is to show how to emerge from the depths of the subconscious the pearls of truth or illuminate the dark shadows to stop creating problems. He is often uncompromising, and with his answers, he can disappoint the expectations of the Ego. But in return, it provides much more – long-term inspiration and support for a person to quickly go through any transformation, knowing how to awaken his free will and create a life according to his own choices.

To answer the Seeker, in consultation with the Tarot, precisely what he needs to know and shed light on all the above doubts, the research questions must be asked correctly: the more precise the question – the more accurate the answer. That is why every reading I do begins with defining the question: together, we determine the ideal form that will best meet a person’s individual needs and specify the questions.

I define all this together with the Man for whom I enter into divination, according to his personal desires and interests.

For defining your best Tarot questions, write to me at dea@tarotron.art

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