Saturn in Pisces

Saturn in Pisces – from March 7, 2023. until 25.5.2025. – represents the official “end” of the epoch of suffering and illusions, the end of a spiritual time and way of feeling, even believing in

We know him as a cosmic teacher: structure, order, focus, and clarity are priorities. But how to set boundaries in the ocean of Pisces? How do you make a definite shape out of the Neptune mist there? If anyone knows and will do it – it’s Saturn in Pisces because he is the eye in darkness.

If anyone can free people from lies and illusions, a teacher will do it now without compromise. He is persistent and meticulous as only he knows how.

When the truth sets you free

Ok, what is the primary illusion that humanity needs liberation from? I know many of them, and it’s hard to choose the main one, but if I had to, I would go with “humans don’t see that they are divine.” That they are an extension of the divine on Earth, to Earth, which is as hard as Saturn (he doesn’t rule the golden age of Earth and agriculture for nothing), we are divine, everywhere, and all-encompassing (very Neptunian). That’s why we came to Earth as the most persistent workers in this galaxy of ours, to master the soul’s life in the body. The first step is awakening, but the last is actualization.

And there is no realization without Saturn. We could spend all our time navigating the murky depths of spirituality and never get anywhere. A ship has its bow and stern, and the captain must know the laws of waves and wind frequencies well. Otherwise, there is a wreck at the bottom, a fish skeleton in the underwater expanses.

That’s why Saturn in Pisces is good. He can be unpleasant, but we are already used to it; he is like a grumpy uncle or grandmother who first criticizes, then rewards. Depression, then “miraculous” healing – mechanism. But what is a miracle?

Integration of spiritual and worldly science

The social reward is a structuring spiritual science. Is there a more significant victory? Rather than spiritual science embarking on the path of its structuring, just as materialistic science is also structured? Because it is in her nature – the mental world is arranged just like the material world. This is not “I think positively, and somehow it comes to me from eternity.” Or “I awakened the kundalini, and now I’m great.” No, no, there are layers of soul bodies, levels in the development of the spiritual body, actually enlightenment and then integration.

And this means that soon, materialistic and soul sciences will be integrated, and people who work on the aura with light and quantum physics will work in conjunction with those who do classical medical diagnostics. It is no longer a “boo boo” level – shamans there, doctors here. It is not a conflict between these two globes but an agreement. That’s when the police engage top visionaries in the investigation, so they work together: material and energetic forensics of a situation. That is when he is treated with superior medicines, herbs, and mental laws, lege artis. All of this is driven by Saturn in Pisces.

And that’s all Saturn in Pisces brings. Since 2011, when Neptune entered Pisces, we’ve felt a surge of healing, spiritual techniques, prophecy, healing, the popularity of crystals, stories about the law of attraction, and the like. And that’s great. But it loses its luster when it becomes escapism: someone who grew up in a family that rejected or neglected him, abused him, declares himself an alien or Starseed, finding escape from that pain – it is easier than to face it.

Or, someone is in a constant toxic tug-of-war relationship with a lying and adulterous person, so it’s easier to consider it a complex twin-flame relationship than to accept the accurate picture of things. Or, it’s easier to think that your third eye is overactive than to face the possibility that you have insomnia. And so on.

All this is not to say that there are no star seeds, twin flames, or chakra activations, but that it exists as the eye of all soul science. And Saturn in Pisces is here to sort it out. Cut down fake gurus, fake readers of maps, auras, and past lives, and clean the sewers of aliens, these and those beings. Terminology and concepts are brought into order. Let’s introduce astrology, tarot, and soul-energy healing techniques into schools. We’ll see. It systematizes everything. Underwater.

What is the best way to get through all this?

Opposite, but the same

At first glance, Saturn and Pisces, and their ruler Neptune, are complete opposites. Saturn’s nature constricts and concretizes, and Neptune’s gasifies. Stone and fog. Saturn wants to focus, Neptune trans. Saturn says the point, and Neptune scatters everything at once in all directions. So how do the two get together? Which thread is the same in that vibrational entanglement, so is it the link? Because it is essential: there is nothing more beautiful than focus in trance and trance of focus. Zen and tantra in one, could there be a more fantastic cocktail of energy?

So what connects the two?

Water. Bones and fish. Healing: Bones from the bottom of the sea. Bones, in traditional Chinese medicine, represent the water element that controls the work of the kidneys and bladder. Neptune and Pisces are water elements.

So, we work on water. We program water, strengthen the kidneys, breathe the water element, and water light into the bones.

We behave a little ascetically, so we retreat more often to our inner cliffs to observe the oceans and waves of our emotions. We think about resurrections, all those we have passed through our incarnations, and moments of giving from the physical to the non-physical world – our deaths through bodies and in this body now. We are not afraid to die: development is the constant dying of old identities and ways.

We feel icebergs in our emotional ocean: what are the formations wrecking our ships? So we look at what those ice cubes in the cocktail of our dynamic field are telling us, and we do what we need to do with them: we move them to auric places of protection or dissolve them with our breath as our spiritual guidance says.

The cards convey the following:

Dilemmas and conflicts that made you feel miserable – end. You can take the obstacle and build a new mind structure on it.

Wow… so first, the conflicts that make us miserable… It ends with a sword, so not in a pleasant way. The first phase of the unpleasantness of this transit was until January 2024. Unpleasant in the sense that the opposite sides are rising, and there is a lot of trash and exposing garbage, all due to the feeling of “poor me.” The collective “poor me” is rising, which is how it must be enlightened and healed.

And then, we see the bone in the net: the last stick. An obstacle in the way is a solution for a new path. Not muscles but mind: a new sense that makes the web unravel and tangle in a new way. It’s malleability. When Neptunian waters permeate Saturn’s mind, new flexibility comes. These are dance programs of movement, but guided and directed: focus, discipline, and trance, as a technology of working in the mind-body connection.

This is also paying attention to obstacles—skeletons at the bottom of the sea—that suddenly become precious found treasures with which to jump further to a higher floor. Because the mind is upgraded, as beginners, we learn new ways of knitting, more realistic ones. It’s not filters and visions and glamour. It is beautiful in real life, from the bones up.

According to the roundness criterion, it is the persistence to reach the goal. Whole cake: all or nothing, concrete. Not just one part. This is the release of everything from the tendons that kept the spine, and thus our movement and turn, rigid and directed in one direction. The Neptunian touch is to go into the sphere, and the Saturnian touch is to go humbly and learn.

And here is the purification: a vision of wholeness from which the delusions that destroy it fall out. False ideas, concepts, and structures. To make room for the right focuses and directions that build a garden of abundance on Earth. Of course, from the heart, it is the ruler, the drummer, in whose rhythm the fluids of emotions flow in man and, accordingly, in the universe.

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