Self-Knowledge: Self-awareness

It’s easier in life when you know who you are. But not in terms of identifications – to think you are the job you are doing or any of the roles you play. But to understand that all those roles, all your identities… are a reflection of something more profound. The creations and tools of your soul. Awareness and self-knowledge as the basis of everything.

What roles in your life do you play most frequently and why? Is that behavior coming from your unconsciousness, and you use it as an automatic defense mechanism, or you are doing it simply because you don’t know any different, so inertion prevails? Or do you know how to choose a character that is most appropriate to your nature and current situation, so it gives you the power to solve something?

Who am I? Awareness
Psyche and Soul

  • Why don’t I believe in myself?
  • How do I stop doing that?
  • What is my crucial self-awareness – self-knowledge I should discover?
  • What part of me makes me feel rejected? Why and how do I change that?
  • What is the key mechanism that drives my creativity and productivity?
  • What is the right move in physical reality to act confident?
  • Who – some reincarnated person or ancestral unconscious to take on an identity, or something third – is constantly afraid of the world, people, and life in me? What persona of mine – some reminiscence from past lives, unconscious ancestral entities, or something else – makes me constantly afraid of the world, people, and life? How can I dissolve it?
  • Why don’t I dare make the change I see I need, and how do I change it?
  • How can I regain my courage and self-confidence?

The roles that we play and our different characters are actually creations of the Soul. Tools that our divine nature uses to allow us to be all we want to be. And we can be any one of them because we are not really any of them. Instead, we are – our Soul, if we speak romantically, or simply Consciousness that sees and knows. And that is the divine spark in each of us. Some awaken it, make it conscious, develop it. Some don’t. According to the routines assigned to them by others, they live so vainly, like automatons, walk empty-eyed through sad lives. Of course, it doesn’t have to be so. Moreover – it shouldn’t.

And sadness and emptiness are an opportunity to wake up: as soon as something bothers you, you know that you are not living in harmony with yourself. And then ask yourself – what to do, what identity of yours, behavior, mechanism of the psyche to remove, and what attitude to adopt, to dance and live again.


  • STARSEED: from where are your star origins, and from what dominant psychic powers you inherited from your species?
  • AstroTarot: a combination of Tarot and astrology in the form of modifying the influence of natal and transit aspects and awareness of working with them to live the most – what transit brings me, how can I change the influence of a particular natal aspect, how to best use the influence of my planets…
  • NumeroTarot: what numbers and thus vibrations I have in my data (date and name and surname), what they cause and how to reconcile them with myself.
  • REGRESS READING / REINCARNATION: which key female and male incarnations impact current life and how.
  • DNA codes: of which vibrations are woven into the creation of the universe.
  • GUIDES OF THE SOUL: angels and archangels – personal, karmic, and dharmic who guide us and manifest in other, “mentoring” guides and elemental beings on our life path.
  • Dreams, Symbols, and Signs: an analysis of our dreams, what they mean, and what they tell us… as well as repeated signs along the way – for example, number strings, birds
  • SHADOW: only when we know our shadow can we live our light.
  • SPHERE: arranging your living and/or workspace in a way that energetically supports us and/or the whole family.

If you want personalized insight into your faces, roles, mechanisms that influence how you behave, ways to change apparent “conditioning,” and ways to manage your astrological programs (aspects you think determine you, positions…), write for a personal Tarot story at

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