The passion for creation

The higher your energy level – the more you feel alive – and the greater is your enjoyment of life. And when the life-giving Energy – known as prana in Indian culture, ki (chi) in Chinese tradition, or orgone in the West – pours and fills every atom of yours, your life, and every moment of it, becomes a celebration. And Energy supplies you when you create what your Soul wants to express physically.

Every atom in a human being reflects the entire Universe – with its membranes and nucleus – and the Universe reflects every bit. That is why every particle has vital Energy, and humans, like the multitude of atoms, are infinitely powerful energy beings. But until they are aware of the force in them, in every bit of their being, that vast Energy of particles remains dormant in them, as if it does not exist. Therefore, breathe conscious light into your atoms. Impress them with your intentions and visions. Consequently, you awaken your divine power and launch it.

That is why the moment of enlightenment can be described as the experience of the Universe’s Birth – at the time of awakening consciousness and Energy from dormant atoms, it feels like billions of Suns are being born and dancing in through you. It’s impossible to put into words how incredible this experience is. And this awakened Energy is life-giving and creative: it enriches and moves man as the most fundamental fuel – the fuel of the Soul. It invigorates and activates the most potent force that propels One on the Path to Fulfillment – the Passion.

It is crucial to discover your fire – your Soul’s zeal. And the most excellent approach to find out where it comes from is to look within, to the Self. The silence of meditation or communion with the Sun, solar yoga, is a great exercise. Or any deliberate inhalation of light – from rainbows to stars…

Find your fire

When the Soul awakens in this manner and the Fire of Being begins to fuel you, everything you do becomes the ease of creation: tasks cease to be something that must be done and become joy and play. You act from a place of fullness since you are bursting with creative Energy. You function freely and joyfully, with pleasure and imagination. There is no goal or purpose to the Soul’s actions: it acts because it loves it. That is why all great, genuine, and meaningful deeds emanate from the vibration of pleasure rather than necessity or need. They are not predetermined activity, but rather spontaneous actions. That type of movement is joyful and danceable, while any “must-do” effort feels rigid and imposed.

Every person enters the body, particularly the Earth, with unique qualities and a set of skills. At the same time, we share the ultimate goal of incarnation: to experience Life as Celebration and Play, even in the densest realities. So identifying intrinsic abilities is the most promising way for a person to make it happen. Then they are fed and developed with the Energy of creation. That is how your mission becomes enjoyable and enjoyable, regardless of the difficulties that may arise along the way.

Because the road itself is the goal. The aim is not something we must achieve as quickly as feasible. However, the trip itself to the goal is the Goal over the Goals, full of adventure, the unknown, and the discovering of one’s own latent potentials. And it is the journey itself that motivates. The imposed point on the horizon, on the other hand, is a false motive and necessity that destroys willpower and Passion.

One of the loveliest methods to raise that vibration is to ask oneself, “What do I enjoy?” Or “what, when I’m working, gets me so absorbed that I don’t notice the passage of time?” That answer comes from within, and it provides the answer to a significant human quandary – “what to do to be fulfilled and satisfied.” Because one thing is for certain: there is no success in the creativity game without pleasure and passion.

What arouses your fire? How to maintain it? What turns it off, and how do you stop doing it? For your personal Tarot insights, write to

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