About me: Dea Devidas

I’ve been watching cards since I was five. Thankfully to my mother who introduced me to them. A story about it here. Of course, read every book possible about Thoth, Marseille, Rider Waite. Self-taught in esoteric science – back then, there were no official schools on spirituality in the eighties. So I was practicing yoga, dived in magic and mysticism on my own. Just to come to the point of letting everything go. Because I realized I use cards as a portal and trigger of my natural mediumship. Then decided to just read the cards. And discovered dimension for itself. Because they are storytellers like no else.

Officially, I studied at the University of political sciences in Zagreb, Croatia, where I was born. Graduated with a master of journalism. Have been working as a journalist and editor for celebrity and female magazines for ten years. Although, that was preparation for my public Tarot work – kinda a psychological training because all of the people I’ve been interviewing and working with were actually opening themselves up and asking for pieces of advice and what I see. That was preparation.

Seeing shapes and colors everywhere, then talking to cards for an extra story, or if the explanation is needed

I live in a small country with beautiful nature and climate, Croatia. Enjoying walks through the wood and readings by the sea. Adoring cats, playing Tarot with children – it is amazing how they see exact points when observing cards – no explanation or esoteric needed. Or meanings. They just cut to the core. As it’s my goal.
Training myself daily with a lot of different visuals. Clients, cases. Observing stars as an astrology lover and Starseed on Earth. Simply, just living life and reading cards.

Let’s get in touch & play some cards!

If you want a clarification of your dilemmas, I am happy to divine for you and give you another perspective with the Tarot. It always shows something that we’ve overlooked. It surprises and awakes. So, throw your questions and let us dive into stories of your soul – that are waiting to show themselves and integrate into your mind and life to guide you into complete light-force being as you are.

You can email me at: dea@tarotron.art or we can share here:

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