Tarot consultations

When is the right time to move in a particular direction, and when to stop? What to do to start the cash flow? Will I marry my current love partner? What is the first step to take, how and in what direction, to unravel the complicated confusion of life? These are just some of the questions that the Tarot answers – the most direct, most sincere, and wisest counselor a person can have because he speaks with symbols, the language of eternity.

Eternal functions of Life

Tarot is powerful because it speaks the language of Eternity – images and symbols – signs of the Truth which, throughout its history, the official systems of dogma and belief have failed to manipulate. That is why he does not deceive: to one who wants to hear the Truth, the Tarot answers all questions brutally honestly through consultations.

  • Does he love me?
  • What do I need to get out of food and drink to stop my allergy?
  • The tests show that I am fine and that everything is fine, but I am not; what is wrong with me?
  • What mechanisms of the psyche do I need to change to achieve a life of love satisfaction and business well-being?
  • What galaxy are my stellar ancestors from?

CLARITY: the goal of reading

My goal is to answer the question of the man I read the Tarot about as accurately as possible. There is no blah of philosophy and fog, empty stories: honest, concrete, and straightforward. So when a man looks at his own cards – he sees the same thing.

The goal is to support Man with truth, awaken his consciousness and offer a concrete solution. Point out an option he may not see because sometimes the tree is not visible from the forest, and sometimes simply – people do not know because they do not think outside the canon, and maps are masters at showing just such images. Returning to balance, which is the purpose of working with the Tarot: aligning with yourself.

So, we start with your questions. Here are some examples of good Tarot questions, but you are more than welcome to create your own. Also, you can see in the gallery of possible readings some of the variants.

Gallery of Readings

Forecasts, analyzes and consultations

Business, love, annual, solar assessments, analyzes, forecasts, and ways to heal and change reality lines.

Love relationships Tarot

As human beings, the most incredible personal progress we accomplish is through love and love relationships. 

Job and career Tarot

If you are going to work all your life, and you will, you need to do something that makes you happy. Jobs and careers are what stems from your nature like it is singing for a bird. Even if you win a lottery, you would still do that job. Because it fulfills your soul. You enjoy doing it. It makes you happy. 

Mind and body health Tarot

Health begins in mind: certain attitudes lead to particular conditions. From the clean states of mind spring the genuine achievements, and you have an authentic life. Yes, even when it’s hard. People are healthy when their mind is clear, so it reflects on the body. The mind spreads through the body, but it’s wider than it. It uses the body as its instrument.

Self-Discovery: Self-awareness Tarot

Who are you? Your character? Identities and roles that you play? Or consciousness, the soul that plays them. So why do you play them, how to change them if they do not suit you? How to awaken your hidden DNA power and with it your knowledge from other dimensions and starseeds systems?

AstroTarot: Play with stars

The natal chart is a shining mirror – the most potent way to self-knowledge. It brings insights into soul force and the characters that man carries in the present incarnation and previous ones. Way of manifesting them. Additionally, possibilities to change inappropriate patterns of thinking and living.

I create individual research for each of these topics, according to the wishes of the Man and his questions. Usually, the process begins when we define questions with the most suitable angle for your case. You write me at dea@tarotron.art about what interests you and what you want to explore, and then we form the most compelling questions for it.

The process begins with defining the matter

Insights – research results – in the form of text with answers, advice, wisdom, and energy healing methods, I send in writing, by e-mail or in audio format, or as a video. Waiting time is a few days, but if it is urgent, we work immediately. In fact, we arrange everything, it’s personal. My goal is to recognize someone’s individuality and provide the most precise and unique insights and instructions according to it so that divination is new every time, a reflection of the moment in which it takes place.

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